One of the most significant Sankalpa of Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba ji is installing Sri Skanda Jyothi (the lamp that burns eternally) atop the sacred hillock of Mayiladumkunnu.

The lamp represents the motto of Sri Babaji - “Jaya Jaya Satyam; Vazhgha Vazhgha Dharmam”, meaning “Truth shall win and righteousness shall prevail”.

Sri Babaji on the event of the consecration of Sri Jnaana Dhandayuthapaani Temple installed a 7 feet tall decorative lamp made of 5 metals, weighing close to 1 tonne!

The lamp can hold 21 litres of oil in the shallow container on top, while even a drop of oil in excess would be automatically drained out at the bottom of the lamp.

Pilgrims who visit the temple must offer their prayers to this sacred lamp and pour Gingelly oil into the lamp.